Pai e Mãe is a process of 19 days to go deep inside yourself. It works with regression, not intellectual, but emotional regression. It is not about mind trips. In this process you go back into the child's world e re-experience all what happened there, becoming aware of the patterns and conditionings generated there. 


We use Bioenergetics and many other techniques to support you in connecting with al major situations and moments, feeling the same sorrows, the same anger and the same love you used to feel. You will connect again with your naturalness, your authenticity and your innocence, which is a precious and rare space that becomes possible when you dive back into these emotions and clear them.


Your innocence got lost because of all the unloving situations you've been through, in various ways. Not only scenes of violence, but also of rejection, indifference, devaluation, absence, manipulation, etc, that ended up taking away your innocence, your originality and confidence. Diving into it you will rescue them, and erase patters installed since those times. 


Transformation also happens in the physical level. You will look at your own face and body and see the difference when you're not keeping so many repressed feelings and not holding on to the fear of accessing them, because all what you held back in your life is stored in your body. 


Today, when you end a relationship, do you go into despair? It's that old wound, from childhood, that fear you had of being abandoned by you father or your mother, of loosing their love. That's why you, adult, become so desperate when a man or a woman leaves you. 


Pai e Mãe is a magical workshop, with Osho Meditations, with strong capable therapists who know what they are doing because they have been there themselves. You will be guided through this process with a lot of care and responsibility, since the admission procedure, so that you can make a deep cleaning of your childhood, letting go of the resentfulness from the past. 


And there is more: Pai e Mãe opens up a door to relate much better to your parents, in a more adult and loving way, coming from a position of love rather than submission and guilt. You will rescue your capacity to love other people too, in friendships as well as in love relationships.


Pai e Mãe works in 4 levels:

PHYSICAL: a lot of physical activities, bioenergetics and specific exercises to deprogram your body.

EMOTIONAL: you will get in touch with and express your feelings.

INTELECTUAL: you will open the understanding of what happens.

SPIRITUAL: the growth that results from it. Spirituality is not something pre-determined by us. Spirituality is your very being. When your being is clean, it tunes in spiritually with life.


It is not the resolution of all your problems, I'm not trying to cheat you. You want to solve all your problems? Who can promise you that? The banks, the churches, maybe?! These guys might solve your problems. Emotional transformation is life-change, it opens the doors for you to rescue your being and you are the one to walk the path. If you go through Pai e Mãe and want to go back into your old idiotic patterns from before, that's easy! But if you really want to grow, this is a path to walk through, a great possibility. Just like when you go into an abandoned land, taken over by weed, you will need to clear the weed, work the land, plant the seed and tend it to see it grow. You will water it, the weed will come back, and you will always need to take it away again, clean again, feed the seed again, right? Life doesn't stop.  


It will be 18 undescribable days of your life which you will never forget, with many moments of joy as well, where you will remember the preciousness of friendship. You will be telling your grandchildren the adventures of Pai e Mãe, the beauty and the delight of it. And you will be sleeping 6 hours every night, eating and having all the regular daily needs met. 


That's the precious Pai e Mãe process, 18 days for a radical life-change. There is nothing like it!



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