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Pai & Mãe meant the beginning of a great change in my life. I had already done some work on self awareness which never touched me deeply. Actually, they only helped to soothe my ego. In Pai & Mãe it was different, I began to discover my heart. Oh yes, I began the real self discovery by breaking my illusions. Today, when I look back, I see that I have a more real life, not easier, but one which is much more intense, day by day. Not a life awaiting for the next weekend to be better, next vacation, next summer or, perhaps,  next life. Pai & Mãe saved me from that fate, doomed to be always a deluded and needy child hiding myself at work so as not to feel anything."

Prem Indali



"Through bioenergetics therapy I discovered many emotions that were kept under lock and key: a lot of pain, hatred and anger which were and still are in my body. At first, the emotions would come and go, but I could never see their roots, in fact I didn’t want to see that there was too much hate in me. More than that, I didn’t want to see that this hatred came from the relationship I had with my parents. Just the thought that the pure and true love I had when I was a child was killed, is a punch on the stomach, imagine actually feeling it.

Pai & Mãe not only helped me to open my eyes but also opened a space for a deep cleaning inside. Within that opening I felt my heart and that pure and true love I had given up feeling. Nowadays I feel strong to seek for my truth and I guarantee I have more energy and feel more fulfilled than when I was that deluded man living a mediocre little life. "

Jeevan Amrit



"For me Pai & Mãe meant the end of a life of complacency, sameness, mental masturbation, fantasies, and theoretical blah blah blah. It was the beginning of a new life - a new cycle. This experience meant the beginning of a walk with my own legs, going to the practical without being automatic; it was the starting point to create my own base. Through feeling a lot of sadness, pain, and anger (ie, everything that was stuck for a lifetime, especially in my childhood) a huge transformation became inevitable. Getting aware of what actually happened and having the courage to face my truth, whatever it could be, made and still makes all the difference in my life."

Prem Ojayit



"The feeling that something was missing in my life took me to Pai & Mãe. It was very intense and I saw all my life and what was happening to me from a clearer perspective. It was a journey of self knowledge to see attitudes and behaviour I had towards life, and also the influence my parents had and have in them. I realized how much I had given up on me.

After Pai & Mãe I felt a huge energy for life that I had never felt before. A huge will to live. I could surrender in relationships with co-workers, friends, family and new friends who came into my life. I could embrace the love that was missing in my life and rescue the pleasure and joy I long time had left behind. For me Pai & Mãe is a start, a boarding to discover the trip I want to go, where there is a thirst for more... to live more and to fulfil my life."

Prem Amir



"Pai & Mãe was a unique moment in my life in which I could come back to myself and feel the deepest marks that were made in me. Painful marks that smothered and prevented me from getting in touch with myself. Diving in pain, connecting with my strength and raising myself were the biggest challenge in this process. I was in a moment when several windows of my life were closed, I couldn´t finish up important things in my professional life. I was closed off and feeling unable to open to love. Also I was feeling suspicious about everything. Pai & Mãe meant opening a door to feel my energy and believe in my power. And especially to believe that I can and want much more than was destined for me ."

Elcimar Pereira

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